Dan Millman: SuZen you can do anything,  you're great.

Ted Andrew, thank you  for everything you do on a moments notice , gathered 100 people . Could not believe it, what an evening, thanks again.

SuZen is available for speaking engagements and workshops upon request for companies and private functions at homes, offices, etc.

SuZen is a Feng Shui Master of Business Building her Master teacher from Japan has taught her the Business Principals of Traditional
Feng Shui to incorporate into her marketing and promotion work.

RavenHeart Promotions & Marketing    
                    for Light Workers


For personal / life coaching please visit :  

Marketing comes natural to SuZen RavenHeart as does selling , it is part of her personal fabric. In order to promote one must have the tools of marketing and sales not only  educationally  but by experience. 

SuZen RavenHeart promotions is dedicated to providing you with the best ways in which to promote your event. SuZen’s expertise runs over a span of 20 years, growing up in the restaurant business helped a lot she learned how to service customers, run functions and create successful events. She has promoted the best of the best , promoted lectures, workshops and fairs. Working side by side with SuZen is a learning experience allowing you to run other sucessful events year after year. SuZen takes your event to a new level of marketing and attracts the attendees who will want more.

SuZen RavenHeart can give your event that boost it needs including clients who contribute to your event success. Planning is endless phone calls, emails, keeping up with social media.Choosing the right people and or vendors is critical to a good event, besides location, and placement of speakers. Advertising is critical to attracting the clients to your event, where ads are placed and the ad actually says is so important for the first word is always your catch word . When one promotes themselves sometimes they do not think outside the box which can be very limiting which in turn prevents high rate of profit.  

Let SuZen RavenHeart plan and manage your event. She works harder to make it happen for you. SuZen has vast experience with famous Author’s, creating expo’s and providing guest speakers to organizations.
Contact SuZen today and lets get started .

                             Increase Your Revenue By 20-30% Within 3 – 6months

SuZen RavenHeart is an event promoter, workshop leader and marketing coach for over 20 years, she has promoted speakers such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. B. Siegel and more. She has coached small business owners for years, herself being a self employed business owner for 27 years. No SuZen does not have an MBA or any degrees in Marketing she has her degrees from Success /Failure School of being Self Employed which have been her greatest lessons.

SuZen’s intention is to have you learn how to increase your revenue by 20% within three months or better by following some simple rules of business attraction. We are so busy on the computer and phones we do not interact with one another on a personal level this seminar is an experiential seminar learning is by doing and exchange in person is networking face to face.

GET OUT OF THE BOX : Creative Small Business Marketing & Coaching learn the most Creative Ways in which you can turn your business around to receiving/attracting new customers and or clients.     Thinking out the Box and design to sell your businesses and service to the community at large. 

SuZen's inner work has empowered her to create an approach for building a successful business.  She assists her clients by helping them expand their consciousness to become not a better person, but a bigger one, a bigger risk taker, a bigger thinker and to have the willingness to be a creator of their own dreams.  SuZen's paradigm embraces the importance of service and assisting others to determine how to best serve their own clients' needs to create not only a successful business, but a fulfilling one as well.  Her aim is to shape lives and empower the individual as well as his/her business.  She utilizes a results oriented system that quickly dispels outworn ideas and limiting belief systems.  

 SuZen's business coaching expertise combined with her marketing experience sets the stage for her client’s success.  As a part of the plan for success, the client's TBS (total belief systems) that operate on the financial as well as personal front will be examined.  Worthiness issues, financially limiting negativity--all will be explored to open the client's awareness of unlimited opportunities and possibilities.  Rather then concentrate on long-term goals, SuZen will assist her clients in manifesting current needs and wants to transform long-term goals into intentions and thus-- reality.     

Are you ready to GO BIG? If so pick up the phone and call SuZen NOW!

I want to take time out to acknowledge two of my teachers who have passed: 

Ted Andrews author of “Animal Speaks” and many more books, his love of dance and music was contagious. I loved when he would show up at my home and teach a few of my friend’s alchemy, and energy work. I thank him for sharing his passion for what he loved, his commitment to help others learn about alchemy, and the animal and plant worlds. Thank you for sharing your light . 

Steward Wilde, author, lecturer and workshop leader, has just passed away May 2013,he pushed me to face my fears and challenged all my beliefs. He made me confront who I was and my shadow side.  He walked the fire with me and showed me that I could jump off the cliff and land on my own two feet. 

I thank them both for all that they did and all the people’s lives they touched and changed. 


SuZen is a real go getter I don't know how she does it. Deepak Chopra

SuZen thank you for all that you do, I can't believe how many people's lives we have touched. S. Gwin

Thank you for all that you do, Dr. B. Siegel

Dear SuZen , its been a pleasure working with you and the creating of the school and its success. I look forward to building the next school.

"Working with SuZen has been a life changing experience for me! I started working with SuZen for her “Business Coaching” which helped me SO MUCH, she gave me information for whatever I asked her about, the right contacts and got me actively moving in the right direction. 

She was able to see that I was stuck in some areas and she walked me through a process that was very powerful and I finally understood why I did certain things, reacted in certain ways, and why some relationships were they way they were. By SuZen bringing these things to my awareness and giving me the new steps to take, I am now able to have the outcomes that I want in life! 
SuZen really is a WEALTH OF INFORMATION! Anything I asked her about, she was an expert in and I really learned so much from her! She ALWAYS told you the truth about what was going on and that’s exactly what I needed to hear to get it and make the necessary changes in my life. 

Thank you SuZen, working with you has brought me peace, happiness and altered my life in a great way!"   - 

  "SuZen's knowledge and expertise are far reaching and rock solid. She is able to determine where the difficulties are and how best to work through them instead of just hoping they'll go away. She has been a thorough teacher and will help you reach a point of excellence you didn't know that you possessed." Thanks Susan

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