In Ancient times there was always a wise person in the village that you could go to for all your questions and challenges wether they were physical, emotional or spiritual.  Suzen is cut from this same ancient cloth. She is a wise women whose coaching exceeded my expectations.  With her extensive training and background,  she is able to offer a full spectrum of support that included supporting me to reach incredible financial goals, nutrition advice, and deep level insights into my relationships and areas I need to improve.  I only give one warning - you must desire transformation and be willing to work for it as Suzen will not sugarcoat and she is direct  in her approach.  Suzen's no nonsense approach combined with her skill sets and incredible intuition paved the way for huge transformations to happen in my life.  This is in less than 90  days!  I am looking forward to continued work with Suzen as she is truly a Master Coach and her support and dedication to my personal growth has created miracles in my life.

LH NJ, Entrepeneur and small business owner 





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