In Ancient times there was always a wise person in the village that you could go to for all your questions and challenges wether they were physical, emotional or spiritual.  Suzen is cut from this same ancient cloth. She is a wise women whose coaching exceeded my expectations.  With her extensive training and background,  she is able to offer a full spectrum of support that included supporting me to reach incredible financial goals, nutrition advice, and deep level insights into my relationships and areas I need to improve.  I only give one warning - you must desire transformation and be willing to work for it as Suzen will not sugarcoat and she is direct  in her approach.  Suzen's no nonsense approach combined with her skill sets and incredible intuition paved the way for huge transformations to happen in my life.  This is in less than 90  days!  I am looking forward to continued work with Suzen as she is truly a Master Coach and her support and dedication to my personal growth has created miracles in my life.

LH NJ, Entrepeneur and small business owner 






I am so grateful for all your help, guidance and motivation. I contacted my yoga student and she has so many people in her community ready to start! The doors of opportunity are opening up.

Thank you so much for everything you have helped me with... For believing in my vision... Looking forward to a growing friendship and partnership.

V. Kareer,Life Coach

High Performance Coaching for Coaches and Entrepreneurs


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            High Performance Coaching for Coaches  &
                       More Then Starting up a New Business

            Success C
oaching : focuses on the part of your live that takes up so much of your time, work. Work at something you love? Success coaches help you find your passion and fullfill your dreams.

ne has to learn ways in which to being their passion into the world and make it work."


SuZen loves to work with entrepreneurs for she is one herself and has always been one. She understands the coaching world and being an entrepreneurs—you’re a unique breed of business persons. Entrepreneur Coaches help a wide range of individuals, owners and managers of small companies, start-up companies (actual or planned), professionals in private practice, people who run a business from their home and executives considering leaving their companies to launch a business. SuZen can help you develop marketing plans, recognize and broadcast your personal brand, Learn time-management techniques that truly work for you based upon your personal working style and lifestyle, examine your leadership style and discover what’s working and what’s not, identify or expand your strategic alliances, launch a small business with little cash, harness technology establish a plan that feels truly connected to your vision and avoid a sense of being overwhelmed and learn how to manage it if it does show up.

Call SuZen today to book your coaching session, change your life and change your business today suzen for personal coaching


Working with SuZen has been a life changing experience for me! I started working with SuZen for her “Business Coaching” which helped me SO MUCH, she gave me information for whatever I asked her about, the right contacts and got me actively moving in the right direction. 

SuZen was able to see that I was stuck in some areas and she walked me through a process that was very powerful and I finally understood why I did certain things,
reacted in certain ways, and why some relationships were they way they were. By SuZen bringing these things to my awareness and giving me the new steps to take, I am now able to have the outcomes that I want in life!

SuZen really is a WEALTH OF INFORMATION! Anything I asked her about, she was an expert in and I really learned so much from her! She ALWAYS told you the truth about what was going on and that’s exactly what I needed to hear to get it and make the necessary changes in my life. Audrey HR Specialist


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